From Saxon Saints, Sanctuary Seekers through to guilds and the people of medieval Beverley, Beverley Minster and St Mary’s have well over a thousand years of history to offer. We are sharing our heritage with schools, families, and interested learners, as well as hard to reach groups who have never visited us.

Through the generous support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund, both churches have recently employed Heritage Learning and Engagement Officers on twin projects:

Sanctuary – as an alternative to tough medieval justice, from Saxon times Beverley Minster offered 30 days of sanctuary to people accused of theft, murder and debt. The clergy interceded and helped those involved.

Roof Bosses – the 625 curious carvings set into the ceiling of St Mary’s bring direct insight into medieval and Tudor Beverley. The stories found in the roof bosses vividly reveal the hopes, fears, and aspirations of our ancestors, and so help us to better understand how they made sense of their world.

Together we are creating complementary:

  • Learning resources for schools
  • Talks
  • Tours
  • Exhibitions
  • Plays
  • Community engagement opportunities

Information will be added to our project websites as activities are developed:

All activity will be subject to Covid19 restrictions.

This is just the start as Two Churches One Town project. We look forward to further exciting opportunities to develop a formal learning partnership and explore our wider heritage. Music, medieval guilds and drama, 18th century life and many other subjects could all be part of the fascinating heritage with which we can inspire our schools, local communities, and tourists.