NOTE.  All tours are suspended during the Corvid-19 pandemic

Ghost Tours

The Beverley Ghost Adventure

Beverley is one of the most beautiful towns in all of England. However, lurking in its past are some truly spooky and grisly tales. Join us on The Beverley Ghost Adventure as we journey through the towns historical streets and sites and bring these stories of ghostly goings on to life!

  • Meet Dr Smalls, your eccentric guide ghost hunting guide for the evening. Dressed in his frock coat, top hat and with his gladstone bag, he is looking forward to making your acquaintance.
  • The Beverley Ghost Adventure lasts for between 1.5 – 2 hours, depending on group size.
  • We use professional storytelling and engaging performance to give you an experience you’ll never forget!!
  • Excellent entertainment for adults and children alike. We even indulge in a spot of crowd participation to! Beware!!

Minster Tours

Tours are available at floor level and in the roof (T&Cs apply). Bespoke Group Tours may also be arranged.

On floor tours the experienced guide will show you the Saxon sanctuary chair, the Norman font and describe the history of the present Gothic church and the place where the relics of Saint John of Beverley are buried. 

Climb 113 steps on the roof tour and see amazing things normally hidden from public view inside the roof. You should have excellent views through the rose windows and your guide will show you the human-powered treadwheel and the medieval wooden structure supporting the lead roof. (Roof tours are limited to 13 people over 7 years of age)

Everything you need to know is on the Minster website, including booking online and paying in advance to secure your place.

St Mary’s Virtual Tour

Gaze in wonder, kneel at the altar, see the ringing chamber, view the town from the tower….